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Syzygy Coffee Pack | Perfectly Aligned

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Whole Bean or Ground


An alignment of three of more celestial bodies.

Our Syzygy Pack contains 3 different coffees that will provide you with a perfect solution to different Arábica beans, fermentation processes, and flavor profiles. 

Our Red Bourbon from El Salvador. In the district of La Libertad, the volcanic mountains are named Cordillera del Bálsamo. Their name comes from the several balsam trees. Nowadays these steep sloped mountains with rich soil host coffee cultivations of Specialty-grade quality. 

Our Geisha from Colombia, the crown jewel of our coffee set, is best enjoyed using a coffee method like the Kalita or AeroPress, extracting all the flavor from the beans. Very complex, extremely delicious.

Our Castillo (Estate) from Colombia, the best seller, for a reason. An all-arounder of a coffee with a very familiar taste, that goes well with any brewing method. 

A Syzygy is a perfect alignment of three or more celestial bodies, and this Pack is aptly named so - a perfect set that has it all. 

Country: Colombia

Farm: La Rochela. Trujillo, Valle del Cauca.

Bean: 100% Arabica.

Included: 1x Arábica Geisha. 1x Arábica Castillo. 1x Arábica Yellow Bourbon.

Processes: Washed, Semi Washed, & Natural.

Roast Date: The Day You Order

Weight: 750 grams (250 grams (8.8oz) per bag x 3 bags)

Certification: Rainforest Alliance since 2005

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