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Syzygy Pack | Perfectly Aligned

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Whole Bean or Ground


An alignment of three of more celestial bodies.

Our Syzygy Pack contains 3 different coffees that will provide you with a perfect solution to different Arábica beans, fermentation processes, and flavor profiles. 

Our Yellow Bourbon, perfect to drink with milk and used for espresso-based milk drinks like Lattes. 

Our Geisha, the crown jewel of our coffee set, is best enjoyed using a coffee method like the Kalita or AeroPress, extracting all the flavor from the beans. Very complex, extremely delicious.

Our Castillo (Estate), the best seller, for a reason. An all-arounder of a coffee with a very familiar taste, that goes well with any brewing method. 

A Syzygy is a perfect alignment of three or more celestial bodies, and this Pack is aptly named so - a perfect set that has it all. 

Country: Colombia

Farm: La Rochela. Trujillo, Valle del Cauca.

Bean: 100% Arabica.

Included: 1x Arábica Geisha. 1x Arábica Castillo. 1x Arábica Yellow Bourbon.

Processes: Washed, Semi Washed, & Natural.

Roast Date: The Day You Order

Weight: 750 grams (250 grams (8.8oz) per bag x 3 bags)

Certification: Rainforest Alliance since 2005

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