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Discover Syzygy: Where Coffee and Cosmos Collide

Back in 2021, my wife Ines and I started a journey that blended the cosmic wonders of space exploration with the deep allure of rich coffee. Coming from Venezuela, a land where coffee is ingrained in our daily rituals, we found ourselves longing for that familiar taste after moving to the U.S. In a landscape where quantity often overshadows quality, we decided to roll up our sleeves and craft our own coffee narrative. Thus, Syzygy Specialty Coffee Roasters was born.

Why Syzygy?

Syzygy, representing the alignment of celestial objects, resonates with our mission: ensuring that every phase, from harvest to your cup, aligns perfectly to deliver an out-of-this-world coffee experience. As ardent fans of astronomy and space exploration, the name is a constant reminder of our dual passion.

Our Direct Approach to Quality

We've made it our mission to form direct bonds with coffee estates. This not only ensures that the hardworking farmers are rightfully rewarded but also upholds the quality of our coffee. Many of the estates we collaborate with are proud bearers of the Rainforest Alliance certification, emphasizing our shared commitment to sustainability.

Being specialty roasters isn't just a label for us. It's our promise to you. Backed by certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) across all Coffee Skills Programs, we meticulously ensure the impeccable quality of every Syzygy coffee bag. From analyzing the moisture levels of our green beans to extensive cupping sessions, nothing is left to chance.

Coffee For All

While we deeply cherish the craft of coffee brewing, we’re not about dictating how you should enjoy your cup. Whether it’s black, with milk, sugar, or both, we believe in heightening, not overshadowing, the innate quality of the coffee.

Engaging and Educating

Though we're primarily an e-commerce entity, our heartbeat is the community. Through curated events and informative sessions, we share the multifaceted world of specialty coffee, underlining its origin, intricate processes, and the sheer effort behind every brew.

Gazing Towards the Future

For us, Syzygy is beyond brewing. It's about fanning the flames of passion — a love for space, the breathtaking prospects of space exploration, and the promising innovations it brings. While the dream of a coffee shop occasionally beckons, our true desire is to make Syzygy a household name. As we look up, our vision soars, dreaming of astronauts cherishing our brew amidst the stars.

Join us, and let's traverse this exhilarating journey together. Let’s marvel at the universe and relish exquisite coffee, all in one cosmic symphony.

Pedro Colmenares Murzi

Pedro stands as the proud co-owner of Syzygy Coffee, where by day he is a Telecommunications Engineer from Venezuela, and by night, he transforms into a master coffee roaster and expert barista. His journey with coffee began in the earliest chapters of his life, igniting a profound passion that flourished throughout his teens and twenties. In his late twenties, Pedro, driven by his love for coffee and a deep fascination with space and astronomy, decided to turn this passion into a business. After earning certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association, he and his wife launched Syzygy Coffee. The brand is a tribute to these dual passions, blending his expertise in coffee with his admiration for the cosmos. Inspired by his countless hours watching documentaries and movies about space, and influenced by icons like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan, Syzygy Coffee represents a unique convergence of coffee culture and celestial wonder, inviting patrons to explore the universe one cup at a time.

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