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Our Roasting Process

Experience the Best Coffee Near You with SYZYGY: A Space-Inspired Specialty Coffee Roastery

Are you always on the lookout for "the best coffee near me" or a "local coffee shop" that stands out? At SYZYGY, we pair precision and passion to deliver a truly out-of-this-world coffee experience.

STEP 1: THE ASTRONAUTS Our journey starts at the source. We partner with farmers who share our passion for specialty coffee, ensuring that from the moment the coffee plant is harvested, we follow strict quality standards every step of the way. They are the source of our stellar quality.

STEP 2: THE RIGHT STUFF As Specialty Roasters, we are obsessed with quality. We only roast beans that meet our strict standards. No exceptions. This meticulous process ensures that our customers always get the best coffee nearby.

STEP 3: STATIC FIRE Only the best beans get roasted. We bring out their best flavor and tasting notes through our roasting process.

STEP 4: SIMULATIONS AND TESTING SYZYGY's process extends to the "coffee cupping" stage, where we evaluate the quality of our beans. We compare coffees and select only the best of the best. This painstaking process ensures you'll never need to search "good coffee near me" on Google again.

STEP 5: LIFT OFF! Whether you prefer hot coffee, iced coffee, or even a smooth and refreshing cold brew, SYZYGY ensures that you will experience a brew that's truly out of this world. 

STEP 6: THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Serve, and enjoy! Welcome to SYZYGY, your ultimate destination for the best cup of coffee.

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