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Colombian Coffee | Monteblanco Caturra | Washed Single Origin

Colombian Coffee | Monteblanco Caturra | Washed Single Origin

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Whole Bean or Ground

Coffee Name: Monteblanco Caturra

Arabica Bean Type: Caturra

Country: Colombia

Region/Estate: Huila. Monteblanco Estate.

Altitude: 1730 masl (meters above sea level)

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Caramel, Passion Fruit.

Roast Date: The Day You Order

Presentation: Whole Bean, Espresso Grind, Coarse Grind. 

Process: Washed

Roast Profile: Light/Medium Light

Weight: 250grams

Type: Single Origin

Introducing the Monteblanco Caturra, a gem from the lush, mountainous terrain of Colombia's Huila region, meticulously crafted at the renowned Monteblanco Estate. This coffee is a celebration of tradition fused with innovative cultivation techniques, epitomizing the rich coffee heritage of Colombia.

At the heart of Monteblanco's pride is the Caturra bean, a variety cherished for its bold character and rich flavors. Grown at an impressive altitude of 1730 meters, these beans are nurtured by the ideal climatic conditions, yielding a coffee that's as extraordinary as its origin.

The Monteblanco Caturra is a masterpiece of natural processing, where every bean is a testament to the estate's commitment to quality. The natural process imparts this coffee with a distinctive profile, marked by vibrant notes of cherry and caramel, harmoniously intertwined with the exotic allure of passion fruit. This unique blend of flavors is further enhanced by the light to medium light roast, meticulously tailored to highlight the bean's natural characteristics.

Each cup of Monteblanco Caturra offers a journey through the diverse flavors of Huila. The initial sip greets you with a burst of cherry sweetness, swiftly followed by the rich, comforting notes of caramel. As the coffee lingers on your palate, a delightful surprise of passion fruit emerges, adding a layer of complexity and depth to this exquisite brew.

Presented in whole bean, espresso grind, or coarse grind, and freshly roasted on the day of your order, the Monteblanco Caturra is more than just a coffee. It's a tribute to the ingenuity and passion of Colombian coffee cultivation. Each 250-gram package delivers not just a beverage, but an immersive experience, inviting you to savor the essence of Huila's coffee culture with every sip.

Embrace the Monteblanco Caturra, where every cup is a voyage into the heart of Colombia's coffee legacy, a sensory indulgence that celebrates the art and tradition of coffee.

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