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Colombian Coffee | Monteblanco Caturra | Washed

Colombian Coffee | Monteblanco Caturra | Washed

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Nestled within the scenic mountains of Colombia's Huila region lies Finca Monteblanco, a coffee farm renowned for its tradition and innovative approach to coffee cultivation. This estate, with its rich history, has become a beacon of quality in the coffee world.

One of the standout discoveries at Monteblanco is the Pink Bourbon variety. This unique cultivar, known for its rosy pink/orange cherries, stands as a symbol of adaptability, productivity, and resistance to leaf rust. Originating from an experimental farm run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in the 50s and 60s, it has found a nurturing home at Monteblanco.

Country: Colombia (Huila Region)

Farm: Finca Monteblanco

Bean: 100% Arabica

Process: Washed

Notes: Cherry, Caramel, Passion Fruit.

Roast Date: The Day You Order

Weight: 250 grams (8.8oz)

Every cherry harvested undergoes a meticulous process to ensure the finest quality. Their sugar content determines the processing method. This particular lot, with its high sugar levels, was treated as a washed coffee. After depulping on the day of harvest, the beans experienced a 37-hour dry fermentation, followed by a thorough washing. The drying process, which spans nearly a month, ensures the beans reach the optimal humidity level.

This Colombian coffee, processed using the washed method, unveils a captivating array of flavors. Notes of cherry, watermelon, caramel, kiwi, and vanilla dominate the profile, complemented by deeper undertones of passion fruit, chocolate, cranberry, and panela.

Finca Monteblanco's dedication to excellence ensures that each cup offers a symphony of flavors, a true reflection of the rich heritage and expertise of Colombian coffee cultivation. This coffee is not just a beverage; it's an experience, promising a journey through the diverse landscapes and flavors of Huila.

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