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Syzygy Subscription

Syzygy Subscription

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Ground or Whole Bean

Discover the celestial journey of Syzygy Coffee with our unique coffee subscription service. Our beans are fair trade and ethically sourced and roasted just a week before shipping, ensuring peak freshness and flavor when they arrive. As certified professionals by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), we guarantee top-quality coffee.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING, customizable delivery options, and the freedom to cancel anytime with our subscription service. Plus, gain exclusive access to new products, special promotions, and astronomy-themed programs when you subscribe.

Embark on the astral taste adventure of Syzygy Coffee today and elevate your coffee experience with our premium, uniquely crafted, and highly desired coffee.

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At SYZYGY, where we offer fair trade and ethically sourced coffee after working directly with farmers.

Whether you prefer hot or iced coffee, we have a variety of flavors and roasts to suit your taste buds.

Try our coffee as a cold brew for a smooth and refreshing drink that will keep you energized all day long. Experience a brew that is truly out of this world.