What is Syzygy Specialty Coffee Roasters? 

We are a family-owned coffee roastery with a strict focus in quality, sustainability, and taste. We are small but mighty, with passion for coffee and astronomy. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy specialty coffee from the comfort of their own homes, while also getting excited about the cosmos and space travel.

What is Specialty Coffee? 

It is coffee with tradeability back to its origin, meeting quality standards from the moment the coffee is harvested, all the way until the coffee is roasted and brewed. It all starts with the Farmer, in charge of harvesting, hand-picking, and processing the coffee. This is followed by the Green Coffee Buyer, who is knowledgeable enough to detect if a batch of coffee meets Specialty criteria or not. Then, the Roaster, whose job is to roast the coffee to precise standards to guarantee a delicious cup, getting the most out of the bean. The Barista handles the brewing methods necessary to extract the most flavor out of the beans. Finally, the consumer, who serves as a judge of the hard work everyone involved has put in. To learn more, visit how we handle Our Process.  

What does SYZYGY mean? 

An alignment of 3 or more celestial objects.

Like an eclipse, where the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are aligned, we pride ourselves in knowing our process is Perfectly Aligned, from the moment the coffee is harvested, fermented, dried, and roasted.

How do you pronounce SYZYGY? 

SYZYGY [ˈsizijē]. "See Zee Gee". 

Why the name Syzygy? 

We have a passion for astronomy, the cosmos, space, and space travel. We want to join our passion of coffee and space into a single brand - a name that encompasses what we love.

Where are you based?

 We are based in Florida, USA.

What is your return policy? 

Coffee is perishable and beans are roasted once the order is placed, making us unable to accept returns. But don't worry—we're here to help! If there was an error with your order, please contact us at pc@syzygycoffee.com within 30 days of your purchase.

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