Syzygy Has Launched a YouTube Channel! 🚀

Syzygy Has Launched a YouTube Channel! 🚀

For a while we've been interested in posting long-format videos that go more in-depth into our coffee-roasting process as well show different brewing methods like the Chemex, Kalita, French Press, AeroPress, and more.

We also want to show you guys how to get started brewing different coffee drinks at home without the need of fancy and expensive equipment. Perhaps you want an espresso, a Latte, or a Cappuccino. Or something sweeter like a Mocha or an Affogato. Whatever it may be, we'll have you covered.

Lastly, we want to hear more from you guys! We'd love to know what types of videos you want to see.

If you want to learn a bit more about who is behind Syzygy Coffee, are interested in understanding the difference between Specialty Coffee and the rest, or are simply intrigued by Space and the Cosmos, we'd love for you to subscribe!

Our Channel:

Syzygy Coffee - Youtube

Our First Video

Welcome to Syzygy Coffee! Our Coffee Has Officially Launched!


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